Clemson football: Davis Allen is the Tigers most complete tight end

Clemson football tight-ends were a big reason for Saturday’s win over Miami.

Three receiving touchdowns and a devastating block on Clemson football running back Travis Etienne’s 72-yard touchdown run later, the Clemson tight ends shined as a group on their way to dismantling then seventh-ranked Miami.

Davis Allen is a name Clemson football fans need to get to know.

The 6’6” 250-pound sophomore tight end from Calhoun, GA is quickly establishing himself as the Tigers’ most complete tight end. Saturday night Allen caught a 22-yard touchdown pass and delivered the key block that sprung, Travis Etienne, on his long touchdown run. I encourage you to back and the play, do not watch Travis but what 84 create the alley for Travis to score. It was a thing of beauty.


Clemson football has a lot of expectations for their tight ends.

It has been previously mentioned by Coach Swinney the difficulty of the tight end position within the Clemson football offense. A tight end in the Clemson offense has to be well versed in the passing game, pass protection, and the run game.

The tight end is especially critical in the run game as the three-man ends up being the lead blocker or having the responsibility of getting the seal block that is the difference between a loss or a long touchdown run.

Allen’s emergence in the run game should warrant more playing time along with his demonstrated ability to catch the football and get into the end zone. It feels like the Tigers have been one dimensional at this spot since the departure of Dwayne Allen after the 2011 season.

The Tigers had a pass-catcher or a run blocker at the position and as a result production from position declined, especially in the passing game. As good as the Clemson offense has been over the last few years, it is at its best when there is a viable pass-catcher at the position.

When Allen is in the game, the Tigers do not tip their hand to the defense. They can call run or pass and the defense has to account for Allen as a blocker and a pass-catcher.

When you can cause a linebacker to pause or keep a nickel or safety occupied just for an extra second, big plays can and will transpire. Look for Allen to continue to be a significant contributor on offense as the season wears on.