Clemson Football: ACC still has time to drop ungrateful Notre Dame

Clemson football certainly doesn’t need Notre Dame in the ACC, and the Tigers aren’t bowing down

When the ACC made the decision that it was going to play football this fall, it was clear that one of the loudest voices in the room was Clemson football.

In addition to the conference electing to play in the fall, the ACC stuck out an olive branch to its partner school Notre Dame in an effort to help the Fighting Irish get out of a tough spot.

Notre Dame would’ve basically had to fill out an independent schedule like BYU, which would have been extremely difficult, but instead the ACC came in to save the day. The conference game Notre Dame a full slate of 10 games and allowed the Fighting Irish to be eligible for the conference championship.

Despite those gracious steps, Notre Dame fans have continued to spit in the face of Clemson football and the rest of the ACC

Despite the gracious steps taken by the ACC and the welcome party from the Clemson football program and the rest of the conference, Notre Dame has continued to show its elitist attitude.

And if those weren’t nauseating enough, there’s this ‘thank you’ letter that appeared on ESPN College GameDay expressing gratitude to Notre Dame for “saving College Football.”

Thank you? Thank you to Notre Dame for saving College Football? Give me a break.

The ACC didn’t hinge its season on if Notre Dame would join or not. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the exact opposite.

Notre Dame couldn’t field a schedule without the ACC. Or, maybe they could, they would just enjoy one of those fake four game FCS-type schedules.

The idea that Notre Dame saved College Football and that the ACC should be thanking them is an absolute farce. The ACC saved Notre Dame. The ACC gave Notre Dame exactly what it needed in a time where it had absolutely no leverage and no chance without the help of the conference. That’s the truth.

Notre Dame fans don’t want to bow down to a conference and that’s understandable knowing the school’s history, but it’s time for a little humility. You wouldn’t be playing without the ACC- not the other way around.

It’s time for Fighting Irish fans to realize that they’re not this ‘esteemed national brand that cannot be touched’ anymore. And no one- by any means- should be bending at the knee to thank Notre Dame.

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Clemson football certainly won’t be when the Tigers completely demolish the Fighting Irish in South Bend later this year.

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