Clemson football: Philosophy differences are why Gamecocks aren’t closing the gap

There is a clear and obvious reason that Clemson football is the standard in the state of South Carolina.

In case you needed any more proof as to why Clemson football is the premier program in the state of South Carolina (and the nation), just look at what is happening in Columbia at the moment within the confines of the upside cockroach.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a quarterback battle taking place between sophomore Ryan Hilinski and graduate transfer Collin Hill.

Remember, just a year ago, Hilinksi was the savior. He was the quarterback that was going to take them back to double-digit win seasons and was going to save Will Muschamp’s job. He was going to lead the Gamecocks to a place that they had never been and now he is about to be replaced by a fifth-year player who played for the new offensive coordinator at his old school.

This would never happen with Clemson football under Dabo Swinney.

Coach Swinney believes in keeping promises that he makes to his athletes. As a head football coach, he is always trying to out recruit the current roster and bring in better players, but you will never find him hitting the transfer portal in order to replace a player that has dedicated himself to the program.

Coach Swinney believes in development and winning with the guys that are in your locker room. That isn’t to say that an upper-classmen can’t get beat out, as we have seen that happen many times but you have never seen Swinney bring in a graduate student because he didn’t like the talent or depth at a position.

There isn’t just one right way to run a program. We see lots of different ways that breed success but the one thing you don’t see from elite teams is the bringing in of fifth-year grad transfer quarterbacks to compete for the starting quarterback job.

No one in Clemson is concerned with anything going on in Columbia but if you want to know why the two programs continue to head in opposite directions despite the fact the South Carolina brings in more money on a yearly basis and has improved facilities.

There is a reason Clemson is winning national championships in college athletics marquee sport and the city of Columbia is looking forward to women’s basketball season.