What social justice phrase will Trevor Lawrence wear on his uniform?

What social justice phrase will Trevor Lawrence wear on his uniform?

Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence shared a five-point action plan on behalf of College Football athletes on how they will address social justice issues this fall as part of College Football.

From that statement, Trevor Lawrence shared that players will promote positive discussions and look for ways to create positive change in their communities.

Part of that plan includes ensuring that all student-athletes have Nov. 3rd off from activities so that they can vote; normalizing having routine conversations about change with respective police departments, local governance, and community leaders to build trust and empathy; and creating community outreach initiatives while working with local organizations that are benefiting communities.

The last point from Trevor Lawrence on behalf of the College Football players is that players will use their platforms to raise awareness for causes by wearing shirts, utilizing statements on their helmets and jerseys, and playing tribute videos to recognize victims of racial injustice while sharing their own stories.

Trevor Lawrence has been a cog for change in the College Football community

From leading the #WeWantToPlay movement to being a loud voice in the racial injustice discussions that have taken place this summer, Trevor Lawrence has been a cog for change and a figure who has used his platform to best promote change in the ways he feels is positive.

One interesting question that likely won’t be answered until Saturday is what patch, recognition or statement Trevor Lawrence wears on his jersey and uniform.

College athletes have been given permission to wear phrases on the back of the jersey other than their last name and it’s one intriguing portion to see what Lawrence’s phrase- assuming he has one- will say.

If we were guessing- and this is pure speculation- we would say that Lawrence would go with a phrase like ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ‘Equality For All,’ ‘Unity,’ or perhaps even a bible verse such as ‘Love your neighbor’ are all things he might consider.

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No matter what Lawrence selects, there will be people who praise him for it and people who will criticize him, but we all can agree that the Clemson QB has worked to create change and is doing exactly what he feels he needs to do to use his voice in a positive manner.