Hey Nebraska: Clemson has an opening on Sept. 19 with your name on it

Hey Nebraska: Clemson has an opening on Sept. 19 with your name on it

The Big Ten announcement to postpone its season shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but could it mean we see Clemson add a quality opponent? That remains to be seen.

The Big Ten announced Tuesday afternoon that it would be postponing its fall season with the hopes of playing in the spring. This decision comes just days after the conference released a schedule for the upcoming 2020 season.

While the majority of presidents in the conference supported the decision, there were certainly some dissenting voices and, perhaps, none were louder than Nebraska.

A day before the official announcement, rumors began to swirl and that set several Big Ten Coaches on fire, none more so than Nebraska Head Coach Scott Frost.

Frost said that Nebraska was prepared to ‘look at any and all options’ for a season if the decision was made. Following the announcement, Frost, president Ted Carter and chancellor Ronnie Green released a joint statement Tuesday afternoon saying they would hope to still possibly compete this fall.

“We are very disappointed in the decision by the Big Ten Conference to postpone the fall football season, as we have been and continue to be ready to play. We will continue to consult with medical experts and evaluate the situation as it emerges. We hope it may be possible for our student athletes to have the opportunity to compete. Safety comes first. Based on the conversations with our medical experts, we continue to strongly believe the absolute safest place for our student athletes is within the rigorous safety protocols, testing procedures, and the structure and support provided by Husker Athletics.”

While it may not be possible, Nebraska and Clemson certainly could be an answer for one another

There have been many analysts already come out before the decision was made and say that it would be next-to-impossible for these Big Ten schools to ‘go rogue’ and play a season due to their contracts in the conference.

That being said, CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee said he would be interested to see once lawyers get involved if they can find a way around those agreements for one season. That all remains to be seen at this point.

If Nebraska is able to somehow play as an independent, there is an opening on Clemson’s current schedule.

The ACC’s rule is that teams can play any non-conference opponent so long as the game is played in their home state. Nebraska traveling down to Death Valley would certainly be something fun to watch and an awesome way to remember the past with a 1982 Orange Bowl rematch.

Nebraska needs games- assuming they can get around the Big Ten, and trust me, they’re working as hard as possible to do so- and Clemson has an opening. It can’t be more of a perfect match than that.