Clemson football: Losing 2 Top 50 recruits isn’t a big deal for the Tigers

Clemson football is one of the few programs that can survive after losing two Top 50 prospects.

The big news this week from Clemson football recruiting was that the Tigers lost another Top 50 committed recruit when four-star cornerback Jordan Hancock out of North Gwinnett high school decommitted.

The current thought is that he has his eye on the vacant spot up in Columbus at Ohio State. The rumors surrounding this decommitment is that both Ryan Day and former head coach Urban Meyer have been trouncing Dabo Swinney’s name while using social media thoughts to do so.

During this cycle, the Tigers have lost the number one overall recruit, Korey Foreman, as well. Most programs would be devastated by the loss of two highly ranked commitments. Not Clemson.

A drop in recruiting rankings means nothing to Clemson football

Sure, they dropped in the overall rankings, from second to ninth, but they also only have 13 commitments. As we have learned over the years, young men are going to change their minds and the Clemson coaching staff is going to sign the right kids that want to play for Clemson football.

Despite the overall drop in the rankings, Clemson football still has the second-highest per player ranking at a .9416, just behind Ohio State who currently has five 5-star players committed in 2021.

With students-athletes unable to take visits, programs unable to hold camps, and are handicapped on what type of communication they can have with athletes, there will be kids who waiver as that bond that they forged initially is tough to build on.

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With 5 months left before the early signing day and 6.5 months left before the regular signing day, a lot will change for Clemson and other programs across the country. Most programs would not be able to salvage losing two Top 50 commitments in the same cycle, but most programs aren’t Clemson football either.

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