Clemson Football: Graphic shows Tigers’ dominance vs. ranked teams

Amari Rodgers Clemson Tigers (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)
Amari Rodgers Clemson Tigers (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) /

This graphic shows how dominant Clemson football truly has been

The Clemson football program has been the subject of scrutiny for quite some time when it comes to the Tigers’ regular season schedule.

Many fans from across the country have consistently said that Clemson football has an easier path to the CFB Playoff and that the Tigers wouldn’t have near the same amount of success if they were in a different conference.

Despite those beliefs, the horrible pill to swallow is that Clemson football has simply just been dominant, no matter the opponent.

This graphic shows the best records vs. ranked teams since 2015. Clemson has a 22-3 record (an .800 winning percentage), which is the top record in the nation.

The dominance of Clemson football can’t be dismissed

Fans and analysts alike can try to dismiss or discredit the success that Clemson football has had over the last half-decade, but the truth is that those arguments simply don’t hold water.

The Tigers have played 25 ranked teams in the past five seasons. That’s the same amount as Ohio State, who is 21-4. That’s more than Georgia (who is 14-11).

Clemson has lost just three games against ranked opponents since 2015- two to Alabama and one to LSU- and they all occurred in the CFB Playoff.

So what does this mean? Well, it’s pretty simple.

Clemson has been the most dominant program in the nation and the only team that could make an argument for that top spot other than the Tigers is Alabama. Over the last five seasons, Clemson has won two National Championships and made it to all five CFB Playoffs. The Crimson Tide have won two National Titles and made four CFB Playoff appearances.

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The pecking order is clear and Clemson is on top. Colin Cowherd, Paul Finebaum and others can try to argue otherwise, but it simply doesn’t measure up when we see the amount of success the Tigers have had on the field.