Clemson Football: Tigers promoting change in the community


Clemson football players are promoting change in the community

Several current and former Clemson football players have been on the forefront of promoting change for equality in the community over the past couple of weeks.

The Clemson football program held a team meeting earlier in the week where players had open discussions and spent time connecting with one another. As they continued to meet and promote unity, another aspect was revealed.

Clemson football will be hosting a peaceful protest demonstration this Saturday evening. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Clemson Community Peaceful Demonstration will take place, beginning at Bowman Field. There will be opening remarks, an 8-minute moment of silence, a 2-mile march and then closing remarks.

Those who attend the march are encouraged to wear a black shirt, bring water, wear masks due to COVID-19 and to practice social distancing. The demonstration has been spearheaded by Clemson football players Mike Jones Jr., Trevor Lawrence, Darien Rencher and Cornell Powell.

Clemson football players are speaking out, which is what Dabo Swinney wants

Dabo Swinney has made it clear that he desires and encourages his players to stand up for what they believe in and they’re doing just that.

While Clemson has been the subject of racial allegations over the past couple of weeks, these Tigers are showing a much different side and an absolute opposite picture to what narrative has been preached among many national media members.

In addition to the demonstration set to take place, several Clemson football players and former ones- headlined by Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins– expressed their desire to see Tillman Hall and the John C. Calhoun Honors College receive name changes.

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Those petitions were heard by the University and, on Friday, the Clemson University Board of Trustees voted to remove the name ‘Tillman’ from the building- which will now be called by its old name ‘Main Building’ or ‘Old Main’- and to rename the Honors College ‘Clemson University Honors College.’