Clemson Football: Braden Galloway will be featured like never before

Braden Galloway Clemson Tigers
Braden Galloway Clemson Tigers /

Braden Galloway will be featured heavily in the Clemson football offense

As we prepare for the start of the 2020 Clemson football season, there’s clearly a question as to where the reception totals are going to come from.

The Tigers will be without their top two receivers from 2019- Tee Higgins (to the NFL Draft) and Justyn Ross (due to injury- and that brings up extremely interesting questions as to what the offense will look like.

There’s plenty of talent in the wide receiver core with players like Amari Rodgers, Joseph Ngata, Cornell Powell and Frank Ladson Jr. who are going to make a major impact, but there is also one weapon everyone seems to be forgetting about: TE Braden Galloway.

Braden Galloway is an X-factor for Clemson football

Galloway does so much for the Clemson football offense that can’t be understated.

The first thing having a tight end who can be a valuable reception threat in the offense does is allow for the Tigers to create mismatches with safeties and linebackers. Galloway is able to open up the middle of the field with his receiving ability and all of a sudden, Trevor Lawrence has many more options than before.

Too many times last season, we saw the Tigers settle for throwing the ball to the sidelines. Lawrence would give both Ross and Higgins their opportunities to go up and get the ball on those highpoint fades.

This season, we may see the QB elect to use his route-runners more effectively. Defenses will have to cover the middle of the field- which was open quite a bit last year- with a capable receiver in Galloway running his routes.

Lawrence now has a guy who he can trust to make catches in the middle of the field and open up things for the rest of his wide receivers, as a result.

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Braden Galloway will be featured like never before this season and that’s certainly not a good thing for opposing defenses.