Deandre Hopkins shows support and love for Dabo Swinney


Deandre ‘Nuk’ Hopkins shows his support for Dabo Swinney

Former Clemson WR Deandre Hopkins clarified his position when it came to Dabo Swinney Wednesday afternoon.

Though Hopkins and Clemson have had a hot-and-cold relationship since he left for the NFL following the 2012 season, the wide receiver posted on Twitter that Dabo Swinney has always been a coach who has the best interest of the players in his heart.

Hopkins said that Swinney has never been a racist or has any ill-will towards any of his players. The wide receiver continued by saying that Dabo Swinney was the best coach he has ever been around and helped develop him into the man he is today.

It means a lot to hear from Deandre Hopkins on Dabo Swinney

Hopkins has one of the greatest influences in the league right now and this is a time where many media pundits are coming down hard on Dabo Swinney- despite the coach’s 14-minute response to many accusations.

Hopkins still has issues with Clemson University and he has made those known. Earlier this week, he said he doesn’t announce himself from Clemson during the starter lineups because of the university’s use of slave owner John C. Calhoun and others on building and the Honor College.

Both he and Deshaun Watson joined many to sign a petition to rename the Calhoun Honors College.

There is still much work to be done when it comes to Clemson, but it doesn’t seem that the relationship between Hopkins and Swinney has been strained in the slightest.

Hopkins showing support for Swinney truly gives a clear picture for many that the Clemson football coach does care for his players and that he encourages them to develop into men that are free-thinking and great citizens.

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Dabo Swinney responded to critics earlier this week following several accusations that questioned his character.