Clemson football: 2018 Tigers recognized as a Top 5 team

Tremayne Anchrum Christian Wilkins Clemson Tigers (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)
Tremayne Anchrum Christian Wilkins Clemson Tigers (Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images) /

The 2018 Clemson football team was one of the greatest football teams in the history of college football.

Not so shockingly, the 2018 Clemson football team has already been dismissed despite the first team in modern college football to go 15-0. With the SEC apologists spending months telling everyone just how “tired” Alabama was from playing Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Citadel, and Louisiana in between games against LSU and Auburn, what Clemson accomplished was forgotten.

When you add into the fold the incredible 2019 season that LSU had as they dominated week after week, the 2018 Clemson football team has become an afterthought.

However, this week they were finally given some love as they were named one of the five greatest teams of the century by Rod Wolkenbrod. Spoiler alert, Rod actually has them ahead of the 2019 LSU football team.

It is hard to intelligently argue that the 2018 Tigers aren’t among the greatest in college football history, not just this century. Not only did they beat every opponent on their schedule but they dominated two of the top four teams in the country in the College Football Playoff; something that 2004 USC and 2001 Miami did not have to do.

Many have tried to compare 2013 FSU and 2018 Clemson. Quite frankly, there is no comparison. Yes, 2013 FSU beat their average opponent by more than five touchdowns a game, but they also did not play the schedule that 2018 Clemson did.

Matter of fact, the combined records of the 2013 FSU schedule had more than 20 fewer wins than the 2018 Clemson football opponents, and we are just talking about regular-season opponents at that.

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The 2018 Clemson football team is one of the greatest teams in college football and deserves to be given the same type of respect as the 90s Nebraska teams, 2001 Miami, 2004 USC, 2011 Alabama, and 2019 LSU.

It is great to see someone other than a Clemson football fan recognize their greatness as well.