Why Deshaun Watson may actually be underappreciated in Clemson circles

Is Deshaun Watson underappreciated in Clemson circles?

Former Clemson QB Deshaun Watson is a legend in the eyes of Tiger fans, but he may actually be more underappreciated than many understand.

Watson, who joined the Clemson football program in 2014 and went on to lead the Tigers to two National Championship appearances and one National Title, is now the quarterback with the Houston Texans and is having a solid career to this point in the NFL.

Earlier this week, ESPN re-aired the 2017 National Championship game where Clemson knocked off Alabama 35-31. In that game, Deshaun Watson led his team on a game-winning drive that was capped off by a touchdown pass to Hunter Renfrow as the seconds waned off the clock.

The result was the program’s first National Championship in more than 30 years.

Even though Deshaun Watson is revered in Clemson circles, there’s actually part of me- looking back and watching that game- that may think he is underappreciated in the eyes of many Tiger fans.

Deshaun Watson is the GOAT, no question

There are debates all the time about who the ‘greatest of all-time’ is and I would venture to say the vast majority of Tiger fans would give Deshaun Watson that title.

That being said, I don’t think we understand just how big of a gap it truly is between him and the No. 2 player on the list– whoever you put in that spot.

There have been a lot of legendary players come through the Clemson football program- like Banks McFadden, Steve Fuller, Jeff Davis, C.J. Spiller, William Perry, Levon Kirkland, and many others- but none have accomplished what Watson was able to.

Of course, Trevor Lawrence has an opportunity to vault himself into that category, but I like to wait until careers are over before we start putting players in this type of discussion.

That being said, Watson didn’t just win a National Championship and compete in two CFB Playoffs. He vaulted the Clemson football program to the next level. He played against many talented teams in the regular season and postseason and found ways to win games. He made Clemson a legitimate contender.

Watson’s clutch gene, ‘it’ factor and absolute legacy cannot be matched. We should never forget just how great he was during his time as a Tiger and the 2017 National Championship was just the final chapter in cementing his legacy.