Clemson Football: Teams continue to stay steps behind the Tigers


The Clemson football program simply doesn’t dish out recruiting offers unless they’re warranted. Even so, opposing teams stay steps behind the Tigers.

The Clemson football program is one of the most efficient recruiting machines in the country.

The Tigers offer just a select bunch when it comes to prospects in each recruiting cycle and they look at much more than just talent.

When a prospect receives an offer from Clemson football, it’s because they check all of the boxes: Their academics are good, they have good character, they seem like a nice fit in the program and they have talent to excel on the field.

It came as a bit of a surprise to many Clemson football fans when the Tigers offered unrated QB Bubba Chandler a few weeks ago, but his recruitment continues to show just how far behind so many programs are when compared to the Tigers.

Chandler, who had been a Georgia baseball commit, recently reopened his football recruitment after he received his first D1 offer from the Tigers.

Since Clemson’s offer, other programs including Louisville, Miami, Ole Miss, Indiana, Western Kentucky and many others have come on board. Honestly, we should expect more offers for the quarterback before it’s all said and done.

When looking at Chandler’s film, you can see what the Tigers saw in him. He has plenty of arm strength and great measurables to be a successful QB at the next level. He could come in and work as a back-up while developing. Then, a couple of years from now, who knows what may happen?

You see, Chandler is a perfect example of what Clemson football is doing better than anyone else in the country: The Tigers don’t look at star-ratings. They’re not even necessarily looking at the most talented or the prospects who are most college-ready- although they get their fair share of those commitments.

Instead, Clemson breaks down film and looks for guys who fit into the program. They find diamonds in the ruff better than anyone and other programs around the country are beginning to take notice.

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The problem, though, is that they’ll continue to stay many steps behind the Tigers.