Clemson Football: 5 Tigers with the most to gain from 2020 season

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While it’s still unsure if the 2020 season will happen- and what it will look like- here are five Clemson football players with the most to gain.

As Clemson football fans- and the rest of the College Football world- wait to see what the 2020 season will look like, players are also wondering that same fate.

There are many Clemson football players who are looking to increase the draft grade or even vault themselves to becoming draftable prospects.

As we prepare for the upcoming season- whether it happens on time or doesn’t start until October or January- here’s a look at five Tigers with the most to gain from the season being played, in terms of continuing their football career.

5. Jackson Carman

Jackson Carman is a junior who still has one year of eligibility, but this is a year where he’ll be able to truly prove himself.

Right now, many analysts have Carman outside of their top-five in terms of offensive tackles in the 2021 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean he can’t ascend up draft boards with a solid season.

If Carman wants to enter the draft after his junior year, he needs the 2020 season to happen so that he can prove to NFL scouts that he is worthy of a first-round pick.