Clemson Football: Ranking the 5 best Palmetto Bowl games of the Swinney era

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Phenom freshman quarterback Deshaun Watson made a promise to Clemson football and Coach Swinney the day he signed his letter of intent – he would never lose to South Carolina in football.

With Clemson football on a five-game losing streak to South Carolina and Deshaun Watson getting hurt just two weeks earlier, there was not a lot of hope that the winning streak would end in 2014.

Knee specialists worked with Clemson to design a special knee brace that Deshaun could wear in order to play in this game. Coach Swinney, Deshaun, and his family were all ensured that further damage to the knee was not possible and if he could handle the pain, he could play with that brace on.

Unbeknownst to most people, ACL’s are not required for the human body to function properly. Sure, someone has to have superior calf and quad strength in lieu of, but it is possible to go through life without an ACL.

Former NFL QB John Elway played his entire college and NFL career without an ACL, so did former All-Conference USA punt returner Emmanuel Spann.

That said, Deshaun Watson started and finished the game versus South Carolina and lived up to the promise he made and did not lose this game. He finished the game 14/19 for 269 yards with two passing touchdowns as well two rushing touchdowns.

Maybe the best performance from a Clemson quarterback in this series, given the circumstances.