Clemson football: Tigers stay atop post spring rankings


There are a lot of expectations for Clemson football in 2020 and while head coach Dabo Swinney will never say this phrase, 2020 is title or bust for the Tigers.

Those last six words carry a lot of meaning and one that most Tiger fans never dreamed of. The expectations of a title is a lot of weight to carry for 18-22 young men, especially when you add the baggage that each of them carries outside of football – classes, family, etc.

However, Clemson football is at this point in 2020. They have the best returning backfield in the country, the best running back room, the best quarterback, the best group of receivers and the best defensive line. The expectations should be big.

While Swinney will never the words “title or bust” publically, he knows that this is the expectation and he knows that the staff has to prepare Team 125 for those expectations.

ESPN updated their post-spring Preseason Top 25 and the Tigers come in at number one ahead of Ohio State and Alabama, who rounded out the Top 3.

According to ESPN, this is their assessment of the Tigers as we head into the 2020 season.

"Travis Etienne‘s return to the ACC’s best offense can’t be understated. He makes Trevor Lawrence‘s life much easier offensively following Tee Higgins‘ departure to the NFL. Brent Venables will need to find a new alpha on defense since he’ll no longer have Isaiah Simmons to lead, but that’s never been an issue during his impressive tenure as Dabo Swinney‘s most important assistant. Keep an eye on wide receiver Justyn Ross. He should achieve first-team All-America status this fall as WR1. Given the schedule and Clemson’s track record of dominance in the ACC, safe to assume the Tigers will be unbeaten once more as a top-four seed entering the postseason."

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The mindset that Coach Swinney has in his meticulous planning, there is no doubt that when players are finally able to report back to campus and start getting ready for the 2020 season, they will be ready to go and live up to the lofty expectations and challenges that are set before them.