Clemson spring sport seniors have an edge with IPTAY


The NCAA decided Monday to extend a year of eligibility to all spring sports athletes after their seasons were abruptly canceled thanks to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This is great news for all Clemson spring sport seniors who want to come back.

Because of IPTAY, Clemson is set up better than nearly every other athletic department in the country. The culture of annual giving at Clemson is far superior to any other school in the country. If every spring sport athlete decided to return for the 2020-2021 school year, IPTAY would have no issue funding every single scholarship like any other year.

There aren’t many schools that can say that.

In case you did not know, IPTAY pays for every scholarship athlete on campus. Not only that, but they also pay for such luxuries as the chefs and nutritionists that the athletic programs have. Again, not many schools can say that.

Not only does IPTAY pay for every athletic scholarship, they annually give roughly $6 million to the Clemson student body and also pay for Vickery Hall. How important has Vickery Hall become for Clemson athletics, just look at the graduation rates especially for football and men’s basketball.

There are a lot of athletic departments across the country looking at their bottom line trying to figure out how they are going to afford to bring back additional athletes for 2021 and Clemson is welcoming them all back with open arms knowing that IPTAY is willing and able to take care of the additional costs that this will bring.

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IPTAY is why Clemson can compete with SEC school on and off the playing field despite not having the same revenue that the SEC Network provides to those schools. Whether an athlete plays baseball, softball, track or any other spring sport at Clemson, they will have an opportunity to end their college career the way it should have.