Clemson Football: Ranking the top 10 coaches of all-time in Tiger history

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CLEMSON, SC – SEPTEMBER 01: (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)
CLEMSON, SC – SEPTEMBER 01: (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images) /

5. Walter Riggs

The father of Clemson football- and athletics, for that matter- absolutely has to be included on this list.

Riggs coached the Tigers’ inaugural season in 1896, leading Clemson to a 2-1 record. He also coached the team in 1899, finishing with a 4-2 overall record.

Riggs isn’t on this list because of his success on the field, it was more of how he came and dedicated himself to starting the football team and then as a professor. In addition to Riggs’ work as a coach and teacher, he also became the President of Clemson University in 1911 and was instrumental in a new football stadium being built in 1915. 

Over 100 years later, that field was named Riggs Field in honor of all he was able to do for Clemson and the athletics program.