Why no one wants the 2020 season to happen more than Clemson

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Clemson football
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1. National Championship favorites

Dabo Swinney and his Clemson Tigers are considered the odds-favorites to win the 2020 National Championship.

Why? Well, because of the huge number of talented Tigers returning to the team and the fact that Clemson will be clear favorites in every game this season.

No one wants this 2020 season to happen more than Tiger fans because of the simple fact that this team has a real opportunity to win another National Championship and urgency should always be at a high.

While we all know that Clemson football will have other opportunities to compete in the CFB Playoff after 2020, this season has shaped up to be one of the true years in which this program is expected to make a run.

And you don’t want to lose that or take it for granted.

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The good news is that the College Football season is still nearly six months away and that gives plenty of time for a plan to be put into place. It doesn’t seem that cancelling the season is the most likely outcome by any stretch of the imagination and the administrations will certainly do everything they can to play the season, in the safest way possible.