Why no one wants the 2020 season to happen more than Clemson

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While fanbases across the country absolutely want to see the 2020 season come to fruition, no one wants it more than Clemson football.

No one- and I repeat no one- wants the 2020 College Football season to happen more than Clemson fans.

ESPN Analyst Kirk Herbstreit made a radio appearance that began to shake the core of College Football fans across the country. During the interview, Herbstreit said that he would be shocked if we had any football this fall and that he just didn’t see how things could be done safely.

While Herbstreit was just offering his opinion and a guess as to what we would see later this year, the prospect of no football season certainly is something that at least could be raising concern for fans across the country.

That being said, here are four reasons why no one wants the 2020 season to happen more than Clemson football fans.

4. We want to see more of Trevor Lawrence

If the 2020 season doesn’t happen, we very could see the last of Trevor Lawrence in a Clemson football uniform.

While Lawrence would still likely have two years of eligibility remaining- it’d be highly doubtful that the NCAA would take away a year of a player’s eligibility if they didn’t have a season- he would also be eligible for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Even without playing a 2020 season, Lawrence would be considered the No. 1 prospect in next year’s draft and he is slated to graduate in December. No one wants to see a quarterback who could potentially lead the program to another National Championship leave without getting to play his final season.