Clemson football: Have we seen the last of Trevor Lawrence?


Have we seen the last of Trevor Lawrence in a Clemson football uniform? College football personality Kirk Herbstreit believes that there will be no football on any level played in 2020.

Let’s start out by saying that Herbstreit is not a doctor or have any medical or public health expertise and it is extremely premature to think that a sports season that is still six months away will be completely canceled. Could it be shortened or postponed a week or two, sure, but outright canceled seems unlikely.

That said, what if he is right? Could that end the college football career of Trevor Lawrence? Trevor stated during the first media session of spring football that he in fact on track to graduate this coming December and he would be eligible for the 2021 NFL draft as he would have been out of high school for three years.

Trevor seems to enjoy college and he has done nothing but laugh when media personalities have asserted that he would be better off not playing and simply waiting for his NFL eligibility to kick in. His lifelong football idol, Peyton Manning played all four years at Tennessee and Trevor has given no indication that he is ready to leave Clemson just yet.

Then there is the game against LSU. Trevor is a fierce competitor and losing his last game in a Clemson uniform would not sit well with him, especially since he would have stripped of his chance to show everyone that he can bounce back.

Should the 2020 college football season be lost due to the virus, there is little doubt Trevor would forego his NFL dreams for one more year and give everything he had to Clemson for one final run at another championship. There is no chance that he would leave Clemson after just 30 games, especially without a chance to show his one loss was a fluke.

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With or without a 2020 college football season, we will see Trevor Lawrence in a Clemson football uniform at least one more season and whenever that happens, he is going to light up those that lineup across from him.