Clemson football: Braden Galloway is the key to a Heisman winner


In the 125 years of Clemson football, they have never had a Heisman Trophy winner but that can change in 2020 with the help of tight end Braden Galloway.

Clemson football has a lot of firepower on offense and both Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne both have the ability to win the programs first Heisman Trophy and both of their abilities to win will rely on the third year tight-end out of Seneca.

Go back and watch any game from 2019 and watch the tight end position, they missed having the physicality and ability the Galloway possesses. J.C. Chalk did a fine job and no one is saying he isn’t talented, but he is not Galloway.

Adding a tight end that is physical and blocks at the point of attack like Galloway can and does, will add another six to seven hundred yards to what Etienne is already rushing for; tape doesn’t lie. There is no reason that Etienne should not rush for more than 2,000 yards in 2020, even if his carries do not extend beyond what he has had. Averaging 200 yards a game is not out of the question for Etienne, who at that point would literally run away with the Heisman Trophy.

As far as Trevor Lawrence is concerned, we saw briefly what adding a weapon as Galloway brings to this offense. Running in the middle of the field wide open is a game-changer. Linebackers are not fast enough to cover him and cornerbacks are not physical enough to jam him at the line of scrimmage. He is the ultimate mismatch.

Adding a weapon like him to the arsenal that Trevor Lawrence has to choose from could literally add another 1,000 yards passing and 15 touchdowns to Lawrence’s already productive seasons; he opens up the passing game for everyone else as well.  Jordan Leggett as a senior had 736 yards receiving, there is no reason to believe that Galloway could not at least match that in 2020.

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Clemson football’s offense will be record-breaking in 2020 and Braden Galloway will have a lot to do with their success.