Clemson football: The real challenge for 2020 is in the mirror


With spring practice being canceled for Clemson football along with all other spring sports, that leaves of us plenty of time to ponder the upcoming 2020 college football season.

For the sixth straight year, Clemson football is going to run away with the ACC’s Atlantic Division and will more than likely not be challenged in the ACC Championship game come December. That is not being cocky, it’s just stating what everyone knows.

The question becomes, who is Clemson’s biggest challenge in the conference come 2020?

The simple answer is – the mirror.

With every team comes a new set of challenges as every team has its own identity. When you take 20-25 seniors out of the locker room and add 20-25 new freshmen, the entire dynamic changes. The positional groups change, the locker room voice changes, the coaching challenges change.

As we know, the 2020 season is going to present a whole new world of challenges thanks to the virus that has spread worldwide. Coaches and players across the country are going to have to adapt on the fly to an ever-changing norm and adding that into the mix will not be easy for anyone.

Can those that are part of Clemson football, use their tried and true formula of success during a time when half of their offseason will be spent at home in 17 states and potentially three continents? It will take a lot of personal dedication and attention to detail when they do not have nutritionists and chefs helping them every step of the way.

In reality, every ACC team is more talented than anyone wants to give them for. As Coach Swinney has said several times, Clemson is well prepared for the playoffs because of the challenge week in and week out from ACC opponents and 2020 will be no different.

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However, as long as Clemson continues to prepare to their standard and show up on game days, their only true opponent in 2020 will be themselves.