Clemson Football: WR Justyn Ross’s health a major asset

The 2020 Clemson football season could be a breakout year for WR Justyn Ross, but it all begins with him remaining healthy.

Many national analysts have forgotten about the talent and pure-skill of Clemson football WR Justyn Ross.

Ross, who caught 66 passes for 865 yards and eight touchdowns in 2019, enters his junior season with a potential breakout performance ready to happen.

He is going to be the full-time boundary WR and could likely emerge as Trevor Lawrence‘s favorite target as the Clemson football team looks to get back to the CFB Playoff and compete for another National Championship.

While Ross has all the promise in the world waiting ahead of him, it will all start with his health.

A couple of weeks ago before the Clemson football spring practice sessions were canceled, rumors were circulating about Ross and a potential injury. Dabo Swinney told the media that Ross had suffered with stinger-like symptoms and was being held out of practice as a precaution.

“He got banged up the other day. He’s perfectly fine,” Swinney said via Sports Illustrated. “He did all the individuals. They’re trying to be precautionary with him because he had some stinger symptoms lingering. He’s fine now but they want to make sure there’s no bigger issue or anything like that. Hopefully, when we get back (from spring break), we’ll have more information at that time.”

That was absolutely great news for Tiger fans. Of course, we know that the Tigers wouldn’t actually ever get Ross back during the spring due to the cancellations.

That being said, Ross is set to have an absolute monster season and keeping him healthy will be a major point of emphasis moving forward. He has struggled with some injuries in the past and has been banged up at times.

As we move into the summer, it will be important for him to get back to 100 percent [ie move past the stinger symptoms] and perhaps even put on a little more weight as a way for him to be able to take more hits during the season.

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Ross is going to be a leader for the Clemson wide receiver core throughout this season, but it all starts with him remaining healthy.

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