With Tom Brady leaving New England…is Clemson football the new dynasty?


With Tom Brady leaving the Patriots, Clemson football is the new dynasty in football. With four title appearances in the last five years and recruiting at the highest level in program history, they are only going to get better.

Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney has referred to the new decade as the “roaring 20s” and that he expects to accomplish goals that college football has never seen before. Alabama has won five national titles since 2009, but they have not won one since 2017 and given the staff turnover and finger-pointing that takes place in Tuscaloosa, they may never get back to where they were just a couple years ago.

For two decades Tom Brady and the Patriots have been the standards in the NFL. During that time, they won six Super Bowls and played for nine of them. Their dynasty had never been seen in the NFL by anyone. Not the Cowboys, not the Steelers and not the Packers. Now that Brady is moving on, Clemson football is the new dynasty among the upper elite levels of football.

We would be remised to not mention what North Dakota State has accomplished at the FCS level, winning eight of the last nine FCS national titles, but we are talking about major college football since this is where more than 90 percent of the current players come from.

When you look at the two programs – New England and Clemson, there are some major similarities between them. First, they each have a visionary head coach that does things differently than anyone else in their fields. They are both highly respected by their peers and have multiple titles.

Another similarity is that they groom and develop their coaching staff. When a coordinator leaves, they almost always promote from within. Obviously, Dabo did not with defense but he has with his offense and recently did so with his receivers coach. Under head coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots have almost always promoted from within. This keeps the continuity and makes it much easier for the players to maintain their level of comfortability.

Culture is another similarity in that both have a culture of winning and that attracts champions. Players know when they sign they are going to have to sacrifice their personal stats in order for the team to be great. The player buy-in is huge within each locker room and helps to police the overall environment and keeps everyone focused and out of trouble.

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The similarities could go on and on. The Patriots have had a good run, but it’s time for the Clemson football dynasty to be front and center of football universe for the next decade.