Clemson Basketball: 2019-20 season overview of the Tigers

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Clemson basketball had one of the most bizarre seasons ever seen in college basketball. Definitely a season that fans will remember for years to come.

There were not a lot of expectations for Clemson basketball coming into the 2019-2020 season as they were tabbed by ACC media to finish in 11th place out of the 15 teams in ACC Men’s basketball. Clemson finished the year 16-15 overall, 9-11 in conference play and finished in ninth place exceeding the preseason expectations.

None of that was a problem. The issue fans had with this Clemson basketball team was coaching. The inconsistency on a night to night basis and the ridiculous in-game decisions that head Coach Brad Brownell made night after night.

The canceling of the NCAA and NIT tournaments were not that big of a deal to Clemson basketball as they were not making the NCAA tourney and they were among the first four out or last four in the NIT tournament depending on who you got your information from. Either way, they were never in contention for anything big or meaningful for an eighth year under Brownell.

However, brighter days are (allegedly) ahead for Clemson basketball. Brownell is about to welcome in his best recruiting class and the team only loses a couple of seniors that play every night. Despite this, you cannot help but be skeptical based on 2018-2019 under Brownell when he returned four starters and had a senior-heavy team and failed to make the NCAA tournament.

That said, let’s take a look at top performers, big moments and preview the 2020-2021 Clemson basketball season.