A Clemson fan guide to surviving quarantine and isolation


With all Clemson and college sports being suspended and/or canceled for the foreseeable, what can fans do to past the time?

While we are all disappointed in the canceling of these events, there are other things that we can do in order to pass the time until Clemson football returns this fall (hopefully). This may take some creativity, but we have nothing but time right now anyway.

As we know, recruiting has come to a halt, at least in person. Clemson social media is the best in the business when it comes to putting out entertaining posts, so we can expect them to continue that at some point.

Social Media

Continue to seek out current players and let them know via social media that you appreciate what they do and what they have sacrificed and you cannot wait to cheer for them again.

This is especially true for Clemson spring sport athletes. They will go another full year without the ability to play in a Clemson uniform and in front of fans that they love. If you played a college sport, you understand how much fans mean.

Reliving past games

I am sure most of us already do this, but there are plenty of past games available on YouTube and other platforms. I suggest starting with something like the 2004 Miami game in the Orange Bowl, this game has a lot of great memories!

There is always watching the chicken kicking from the last six years as well. Watching Deshaun Watson beat them with a torn ACL will always be one of the best moments in Clemson football history.

Video games

You may have to go back in the vault with this one, but there is 20 years’ worth of NCAA football video games from EA Sports. Break out the old play systems and recreate some of the same dynasties you had when you were sitting in your college dorm trying to kill time.


The sooner you get started on these, the more you can accomplish and the less your spouse will complain when you disappear during the fall. This is a lot less fun than anything else, but your husband or wife will appreciate the effort and will make asking to take a last-second trip to Death Valley in October a lot more likely.

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Regardless of what you choose to do with this extended off-season, always remember that there are people with a lot more going on and in worse positions that not having their favorite form of entertainment. A couple of additional months of an off-season may not be so bad from a fan perspective.