Clemson football: Accomplished a lot despite short spring


Clemson football was nine practices into their spring practice session before all sports were canceled and Clemson students were sent home for at least the next couple of weeks.

The good news for Clemson football is they had already held nine of their allotted 15 spring practices and Coach Swinney was very happy where they ended things as a program.  Per Grace Raynor of The Athletic, coach Swinney was very upbeat about what they accomplished as a team this spring.

"“A lot of valuable development. We’ve got 15 midyears, and it’s a lot of development for those guys. They’ve been in a lot of meetings. A lot of corrections. A lot of installation. So a lot of just team building,” A lot of team meetings and things, the way we build our team. We’ve got a lot of that done. We’re in good shape. But yeah, I’m glad we were able to do that.”"

In years past, this may have not been a good thing for the development of Clemson football as spring practices provide valuable time for young guys and are needed for installment purposes. Seemingly, not only are Clemson recruits much better players on the field, but they are coming in early and are retaining coaching a lot better than in years past.

With Clemson spring practice starting at the end of February, they were able to get in a lot of needed work and that will continue with them throughout this off period as they all had to go home due to the extended campus closure.

With where the program is as a whole, most guys will continue to work while at home and there is no doubt that Coach Batson and his team have equipped the players with workouts to stay locked in and engaged while away from campus.

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If any program is able to overcome the community paralysis of a new virus, it is definitely Clemson football and they will be stronger in the long run because of it.