Current climate will not dampen Clemson recruiting


Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich will more than likely fall in line with what other athletic programs around the country are doing thanks to the new strand of coronavirus and halt all recruiting for the spring and shut down the official and unofficial visits.

This is where Clemson becoming a national brand and establishing identity will pay big dividends. Wednesday, both Michigan and Ohio State announced that there not allowing coaches to travel nor were they allowing any on-campus visits from recruits during the live period. Clemson will more than likely follow suit in the coming days.

This would have been devastating to the football program several years ago. Coach Swinney is considered to be the best closer in college football and taking away his ability to walk into a living room or host a recruit in his office would have lowered their chances dramatically when he took over in late 2008.

Now that the Tigers have won two the last four national titles and played for four of the last five, Clemson can afford to follow schools like Michigan and Ohio State in playing it safe for their coaches and players as well as the University staff and students.

Whether you agree with the panic that has set in in regards to our current situation, no one can change anything and those that adapt best will come out stronger. Do not expect Clemson to falter in regards to any potential recruit because of this. Clemson will continue to do with they do best and build on existing relationships in numerous ways.

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Phones calls, texts, direct messaging, Skype and other virtual means of communication will help bridge the gap during this unprecedented time in our sports landscape. With the NBA, MLS, NHL, and the NCAA tournament all being changed or suspended, this should not affect the college football season nor will it put a damper on the 2021 Clemson recruiting class.