Clemson football: Pro-day is critical for several Tigers


The 2020 Clemson football pro-day is an important day for several now-former Tigers who were not invited to the combine. It is also an important day for those that participated in order to show their numbers were not a fluke.

Clemson Football players Isaiah Simmons, Tanner Muse and K’Von Wallace all performed exceptionally well at the NFL combine a couple of weeks ago and will use today to solidify those numbers as well as their draft stock.

However, today is more important for a couple of Tigers looking for a chance to show that their careers were not a fluke and that they should be talked about more. Tee Higgins should be the biggest beneficiary of today’s pro-day.

Tee elected not to workout at the NFL combine and while some thought that was a dumb move on his part given how deep the draft is at wide receiver, it was actually a smart move by Higgins. Familiarity is a huge part of a quarterback and receiver success. Route running with a quarterback you do not know can be disastrous for a guy like Higgins who can be taken anywhere from fifth overall to the bottom of the second round.

Mistakes can be interpreted differently by different scouts and Higgins did not want to run the chance of being made to look bad by a quarterback he had no relationship with. Higgins waiting until today was the right move and you will see him move up draft boards after today’s workout.

Another guy that will benefit most from today’s workout is Tanner Muse. Tanner was a fringe draft guy coming into the combine. However, he performed well and scouts and coaches love workout warriors. Tanner is a tweener in the NFL, which will hurt him overall as will his tape, but NFL teams have shown the willingness to overlook tape for a guy that performs well at the combine and at their pro-day.

John Simpson is expected to be drafted sometime within the first three rounds in next month’s draft, however, his three teammates up front, Tremayne Anchrum, Gage Cervenka and Sean Pollard could all use a great pro day in order to get invited to a camp as they will unlikely hear their name called in the draft.

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This is not a knock on those guys at all. All three were very good college players, but as we know the NFL is a different game and franchises all value very different characteristics of their offensive lineman and a lot of times it isn’t strength.