Clemson basketball: Seniors robbed of their final game


The season is over for Clemson basketball as the ACC canceled the remainder of the basketball tournament and at this rate, the NCAA is more than likely going to cancel the NIT as well; though this is just speculation.

Clemson basketball will not get another chance to throw on their uniforms again until November and while fans will move on and get over it, the seniors on this Clemson basketball team will never get that opportunity to lace them up again.

As people talk about the financial impact and the others speculate on the health aspect of what we are dealing with, all I can think about is the seniors that through the good and the bad, gave everything they had to Clemson University and tried to make us all proud.

Every athlete faces a day when their career ends. Some sustain them longer than others, but at least in college, you go into the post season knowing you win and advance. These Clemson seniors fought for their right to put on the uniform one more time and were robbed of that opportunity.

While we can choose to agree or disagree with the decisions that were made by people in charge, it will be tough for these young men to accept that an opportunity that they fought for is now gone as will their ability to play in front of thousands of fans.

Clemson basketball had no NBA players on their roster that much we know. Could some of them go chase a professional career in the different parts of Europe? Of course, some will eventually, but playing in the ACC and in small European leagues are far from similar.

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Thank you to Tevin Mack, Paul Grinde, and Curran Scott for the blood, sweat, and tears you gave to Clemson during your time in the orange and purple and it stinks that you were unable to lace ‘em up with your brothers and represent Clemson one last time.