Clemson basketball: NIT bid secured by beating Miami


Employers of Clemson basketball fans will be happy to see the Tigers not make the NCAA tournament for the eighth time in the last decade under Brad Brownell.

Most Clemson basketball fans are extremely frustrated with this program under the guidance of Brad Brownell and we have written about this many times, but with the Tigers yet again missing the NCAA tournament, that will mean more productivity at work than their coworkers who’s team are making the NCAA tournament.

Today’s ACC tournament opener epitomized why Clemson basketball is so frustrating to watch. In the first half, they played five-out basketball – meaning, all five guys were essentially standing around the three-point line and took as many bad shots as they could. Looked like a really bad game of horse.

In the second half, they were actually attempting to get the basket and then would kick out for a much better shot within the scope of the offense. However, up 10 with a minute left, Clemson basketball under Brownell made an ugly appearance.

Situational basketball under Brad Brownell continues to be terribly frustrating. Multiple times in the final:30 seconds, the Tigers turned the ball over on the inbounds, even after calling a timeout to draw up exactly what Brownell wanted to do. What saved the game today for Clemson was free-throw shooting. The Tigers went 19/20 from the free-throw line – all in the second half.

Some very interesting stats about the NCAA tournament and how much employers lose in productivity costs. According to Wallethub, companies will lose roughly $13.3 billion due to unproductive workers during March Madness. Employers across South Carolina can take a deep breath knowing that as long as Brownell is the head coach of Clemson basketball, that employees won’t have much of an interest in watching the NCAA tournament.

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On a brighter note, today’s win did secure an NIT bid should the Tigers choose to accept.