Clemson Football: Brian Dawkins should have a statue in his honor


"Clemson football may not be one of college football’s “blue blood” programs, but that does not mean that there is not a tradition of excellence on and off the field."

For those that are newer to the Clemson football program, welcome. However, please understand that Clemson football did not start with Deshaun Watson and Hunter Renfrow. There is a long history of great players to run down the hill in Memorial Stadium.

While players like C.J. Spiller, Deshaun Watson, Hunter Renfrow and a host of others will be showered with praise and celebrations in the years to come and will one day be cemented around Death Valley with the other Clemson greats in the Ring of Honor, there is one player that should have a statue outside for all to walk by and see.

That former player is Brian Dawkins.

Brian Dawkins has represented Clemson University for more than 25 years on and off the field. If you are unfamiliar with his work, take a look.


  • Three-year starter
  • Three-year All ACC (1st or 2nd team)
  • Second Team All-American ’95
  • Two year Captain
  • First Team Strong Safety on Clemson’s All-Centennial Team ’95
  • 2009 Clemson Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee


  • Second-round pick Philadelphia Eagles
  • Nine Pro Bowls
  • Six All-Pro selections
  • 10-time Team Captain
  • Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary 1st Team
  • NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

He is also the only player in Clemson history to be elected into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. In 2013, Clemson established the Brian Dawkins Lifetime Achievement Award which is presented to “former Tiger who has consistently demonstrated the qualities of leadership, community service and other high qualities that are consistent with excellence since graduating from Clemson.”

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Not only does Brian Dawkins deserve to among those in the ring of honor, but Dawkins also deserves to forever be cemented in front of Death Valley so that every fan entering the stadium can walk by and see about a man that has meant a lot to Clemson both on and off the field.