Clemson Football: Could Tigers change 2021 non-conference schedule?


The 2021 Clemson football schedule could certainly use a boost and the Tigers are still taking into consideration all options.

The Clemson football program typically plays two Power-5 opponents in the non-conference (South Carolina and then a selected opponent) in addition to a lower FBS team and an FCS program.

While the 2020 Clemson football schedule will feature Notre Dame and in-state rival South Carolina in the non-conference, the 2021 non-conference leaves something left to be desired.

The Tigers are currently scheduled to play S.C. State, Wyoming, UConn and South Carolina.

Clemson AD Dan Radakovich met with the media last week to discuss new coaching contracts and touched on scheduling, as well. Radakovich said the 2021 season is an anomaly and that it happened due to the Notre Dame scheduling (the Fighting Irish came to Death Valley in 2015, while the Tigers go to South Bend this coming season).

"“We keep our ear to the ground to try to see if there are other opportunities that could be out there,” Radakovich said via The State Newspaper. “Football schedules are being made 10 to 12 to sometimes 15 years in advance. It makes it a little bit difficult. But we’re not going to close the door on anything right up until the time that we’re ready to play that schedule.”"

Though non-conference opponents are scheduled sometimes a decade in advance, Radakovich said the Clemson football program is still considering all options.

To do this, Clemson football would be tasked with finding an opponent and dropping one of the current non-conference games from its schedule. At this point, it would seem that Wyoming or UConn would be the two most likely candidates.

The likelihood of finding an opponent, agreeing on the location of the game and dropping an opponent who would then have to turn around and find a new opponent seems nearly impossible, but it’s not out of the question.

For example, Florida plays Florida Atlantic during the 2021 season.

If Clemson would agree to travel to Gainesville [perhaps with a home game planned further in the future against the Gators], the Tigers could drop UConn and the Huskies could play Florida Atlantic with a little move in their schedule.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a formidable opponent to that schedule, but it is interesting to see what Clemson football has following the 2021 season.

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The Tigers have non-conference series set with…

  • Notre Dame (2022, 2023)
  • Georgia (2024)
  • LSU (2025, 2026)
  • Notre Dame (2027, 2028)
  • Georgia (2029, 2030)
  • Notre Dame (2031)
  • Georgia (2032, 2033)
  • Notre Dame (2034)
  • Oklahoma (2035, 2036)
  • Notre Dame (2037)