Clemson Football: Trevor Lawrence just has to be himself in 2020


Clemson football is lucky to have a young man like Trevor Lawrence leading this football program. In 2020, he just needs to throw caution to the wind and play his way.

None of know what it’s like to be a generational talent like Clemson football quarterback Trevor Lawrence. From the time he made his first start as a freshman in high school until the time he arrived in Clemson, the pressure to be the greatest player ever was on his shoulders.

Once he got to Clemson, the pressure didn’t take a step back instead it grew even more with pass attempt Trevor took whether it was practice, a spring scrimmage or against Georgia Southern. Yet somehow Lawrence was able to focus on his craft, his teammates and his school work and do something that only one other true freshman had ever done in the modern history of college football – win a national title.

The pressure was on Trevor to lead Clemson football back-to-back. As the winning streak extended so did the mounting pressure. With that pressure comes the whispers every time a player of his magnitude doesn’t live up to unobtainable hype.

In 2019, Trevor Lawrence was expected to carry Clemson football. They were expected to put up 60 points a game and he was expected to throw for 100 touchdowns, 10 thousand yards and have no turnovers. At least, that was the feeling I got every time I turned on the TV or logged into twitter.

Instead what Clemson football fans got was a 20-year-old kid who gave everything he had, won 29 games in a row and led his team back to a national title game when most believed halfway through the year he could not do it.

Instead what Clemson football fans got a 20-year-old kid that improved virtually in every aspect of his game and more importantly became the field leader that he was not in 2018.

Trevor Lawrence is that generational talent that every coach wants and every opposing fan will try to knock down in order to make himself feel better about his own average quarterback knowing how truly special Lawrence is and what he is capable of.

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The good news in 2020, Trevor Lawrence doesn’t have to be special he just has to be himself and that will be good enough for Clemson to be special.