A Clemson football offer has more meaning than any SEC offer

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Clemson football will finish with a Top 5 recruiting class for the first time under Coach Dabo Swinney and that is something to be proud of given Clemson recruits differently than everyone else in the country.

How is Clemson football different than the rest of the Top 25, just look at the number of offers they have extended for the 2020 class. For most of the 2020 cycle, Clemson held the top class and was just recently overtaken by UGA and Coach Kirby Smart.

Given the offer differential and the amount of money spent, this should not come as a surprise. According to 247, UGA offered 267 scholarships to high school players. Conversely, according to 247, Clemson offered just 105 total scholarships.

UGA squeaked out the top class by offering 2.5 times the number of scholarships that Clemson did. That is an astonishing number and something that Clemson people should be proud of. A further look at the offers, lets us know just how invaluable an offer from the Top 3 SEC schools is compared to a Clemson offer.

Take a look:

Quarterbacks offered:

  • UGA: 19 total
  • Alabama: 13 total
  • LSU: 9 total
  • Clemson: 2 – DJ Uiagalelei and Chandler Morris

Running backs offered:

  • UGA: 21 total
  • Alabama: 28 total
  • LSU: 26 total
  • Clemson: 6 total

Wide receivers offered:

  • UGA: 45 total
  • Alabama: 31 total
  • LSU: 40 total
  • Clemson: 15 total

A Clemson football offer is something special. UGA, like most SEC schools, throws offers out to everyone hoping something will stick. They don’t take into account the athlete as a person, the family or any of the other ancillary areas that are important to maintaining culture and continuity.

Coach Swinney understands that the moment you compromise talent for personal authenticity is the moment that everything he has worked to build comes crashing down. Every great civilization throughout time and every great college football program have seen their destruction and downward spiral start from within.

When you are selective with who you allow through your walls, you decrease the chances of being infiltrated and allow your structure and culture to maintain itself.

Clemson’s first Top 5 class did come at a price. According to USA Today, Clemson spent nearly $2.2 million on recruiting in 2019 while UGA spent just over $3 million to edge out the top recruiting for the second time in three years.

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We all know recruiting is the lifeblood of each college football program. What Clemson is showing is that you can be different and be selective in who you bring in and if you take the time to develop these young adults into great leaders, on and off the field, that quality is more important than quantity.