Duke obvious choice for former Clemson QB Chase Brice


Former Clemson quarterback Chase Brice announced Sunday that he was going to spend his last two years of eligibility playing for coach David Cutcliffe and Duke. The move makes more sense than anyone realizes.

Chase Brice will be remembered by the Clemson faithful for years to come. Most credit him with “saving” Clemson’s last championship season with his fourth-quarter drive against Syracuse and while I won’t go that far, as no one knows how the season would have shaken out with that loss, he was still a big part of the Clemson program.

Immediately after the announcement came, the same question kept popping up – why Duke? In reality, no one knows who offered Brice around the country. I know that Clemson fans were hoping he would follow Jeff Scott down to South Florida, but most people also understood that Brice’s talent level was Power 5 good and he was never going to head to Tampa.

If you stop to think about it from Chase Brice’s view, Duke makes a lot of sense for one very big reason – Coach Cutcliffe has a history of developing first-round NFL picks at quarterback.

Over Coach Cutcliffe’s career, he has produced numerous first-round picks and a couple of Hall of Fame players in the Peyton and Eli Manning. Just last year, Daniel Jones out of Duke was a Top 10 pick in the NFL draft as he was taken by the Giants to be Eli Manning’s replacement.

Brice obviously has a goal to not only play but to show he can get to the NFL and there are not many more respected coaches in college football for quarterback development than Cutcliffe.

Let’s not forget, Brice will also have the opportunity to obtain a Duke degree over the next two seasons as well. Should football not work out the way he would like it to, having a degree from one of the most prestigious schools this country has to offer is not a bad thing to fall back on.

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We wish Chase Brice all the best and thankful such a great young man chose Clemson to start his career and who knows, we might just see him next December in Charlotte.