Clemson Football: Top 2021 recruiting targets by position

Dabo Swinney, Clemson football
Dabo Swinney, Clemson football /
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Offensive Line

Commitments: Marcus Tate, 4-star OT; Ryan Linthicum, 4-star C.


  • Tommy Brockermeyer, 5-star OT
  • Tristan Leigh, 4-star OT
  • Dietrick Pennington, 4-star OG
  • Jager Burton, 4-star OG
  • Micah Morris, 4-star OT

There are a few others that have received offers along the offensive line, but the Tigers have already received two commitments and aren’t likely to take but 1-2 more. I would say three is the max at this point.

Look for the Tigers to focus in on Pennington, Brockermeyer and Leigh going forward. Brockermeyer has expressed interest in playing with his little brother- who is a 3-star- but Clemson hasn’t offered him and the targets are pretty set for the time being.