Clemson seniors that won’t hear their name called in the NFL draft

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It has been two weeks since Clemson seniors and a couple of juniors suited up in the orange and white for the final time. They left with two national titles, four ACC titles, the school record for wins and enough memories to last a lifetime.

Most of those leaving Clemson have aspirations to play in the NFL and have since they started playing the game years ago. As we all know, the game is cruel and many of those that leave eventually have their dreams crushed.

Don’t mistake what that means, a player can be an all-time college great and not be good enough to play at the next level. Making it in the NFL requires everything to go your way, meaning, you have to get with the right team at the right time with the right coaches and the right scheme with the right teammates. That is a lot that has to happen in order to realize the dream of playing at the NFL level.

We have seen many Clemson greats over the last several years not make it in the NFL. Guys like Tahj Boyd, Ben Boulware, and Eric Mac Lain. All three of those guys were all-conference performers and left a lasting legacy and impression at Clemson that will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, there are a few guys that gave all they had to Clemson, were recognized as all-conference performers and will not hear their names called in the April 2020 NFL Draft out in Las Vegas.

While these four will not be drafted, all four of them will have an opportunity to showcase their skills at a team’s rookie camp in order to earn an invite of camp contract.