Clemson’s 2020 football schedule has both positives and negatives

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The biggest positive to take away from Clemson’s 2020 schedule is that they will have four home games after the midpoint in October. Why is this positive? Well, we all know how awfully hot Death Valley is in September and while Clemson will still welcome in Louisville and Virginia in September afternoon or evening games in the Valley are second to none.

Another positive is not having more than one set of back to back away games. The longest Clemson is away from Death Valley is the three weeks between the visits from UVA on September 26th and NCST coming to town on October 17th.

Playing South Carolina at home every other is always a positive. Going to Columbia is always a hassle and not having to worry about that in 2020 wonderful.

Playing Notre Dame Week 10 of the regular season is a major positive. Notre Dame will more than likely be undefeated when Clemson roles into town the first week in November and a big win in South Bend will quiet a lot of the nonsensical rhetoric that Clemson had to put up with this year as far as not playing anyone during the regular season.