Clemson’s 2020 football schedule has both positives and negatives

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The 2020 Clemson football schedule was released Wednesday morning and while the home schedule is not all that desirable, the schedule sets up nicely for Clemson to win the ACC Atlantic for the sixth straight year.

Clemson will start the year off just like they did in 2019 against Georgia Tech on a Thursday night, though this time the setting will be midtown Atlanta. Georgia Tech will be much improved under second-year Jeff Collins, but this will still be a home game for Clemson and the result will be no different than it has the last five years with Clemson winning handily.

Unlike 2019, teams do not have two bye-weeks in 2020. This oddity only happens every several and thankfully we will not have to endure that nonsense again.

Clemson has had to listen to naysayers discount the ACC over the last few years in 2020, the league will have an opportunity to prop Clemson up and make a statement nationally with 19 games against out of conference Power 5 opponents; the most of any Power 5 conference.

The Tigers are the early betting favorite to win the 2020 national championship and the Clemson football schedule sets up nicely to make that run possible.  A good mixture of home and away games, as well as a Thursday and Friday game this year, will also have a lot of eyes around the country on Clemson in 2020.