Clemson Football: Fans trying to make LSU win about SEC pride

The Clemson football team lost to LSU Monday night, not the SEC. Just thought we should get that out of the way right from the start.

The Clemson football team came up short for the first time in 30 tries Monday night when the Tigers fell 42-25 to the LSU Tigers in the National Title game.

LSU QB Joe Burrow and that offense was near unstoppable. Though Brent Venables dialed up pressure and had a good scheme, Burrow just seemed to place nearly every single throw on the money- in tight windows- which made things extremely difficult on the Clemson secondary.

Though the defense had its struggles, the unit still came away with enough stops to keep the Tigers competitive. Unfortunately, the offense couldn’t get anything going when it needed to most. Clemson abandoned the running game and struggled all night throwing the football.

As the dust settled Monday night, fans of several SEC teams- especially in-state rival South Carolina- began to come out of the woodwork to poke fun at Clemson football following the loss.

Let’s make one thing clear: LSU’s win Monday night had nothing to do with SEC pride.

No, Clemson wouldn’t struggle in the SEC. The Tigers lost a game to a team that had a better night. This loss isn’t indicative of the program and certainly says nothing about how Clemson football would fair in the SEC.

Let’s keep in mind that LSU basically blew the doors off every single opponent in the conference this season.

Oh, if that weren’t enough, I want to remind you of this simple fact: Clemson would have more room for error if it played in the SEC.

Everyone forgets that if Georgia hadn’t lost a game to a bad South Carolina team, the Bulldogs would’ve likely still been in the CFB Playoff despite a loss (considering it would’ve been their first of the season) in the SEC Championship game to LSU.

Clemson wouldn’t struggle with Florida. Clemson wouldn’t struggle with Georgia, Missouri or the powerhouse Vanderbilt. The Tigers certainly wouldn’t struggle with South Carolina [see six-straight, for reference].

If SEC fans want to claim National Titles based on the merit that a team from their conference finally beat Clemson- after all it only took two years- that’s fine. But that really takes things away from LSU and puts the spotlight back on Clemson.

As a matter of fact, it almost seems that the ACC Tigers are still in the heads of many SEC fans across the country- especially in the state of South Carolina.

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And as far as Saturday Down South’s concern about Clemson’s dynasty being dead: Don’t worry.  You’ll get to see Dabo Swinney and that Clemson football program right back in the CFB Playoff next year for a sixth-straight time.

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