Clemson Football: Tired SEC narrative has grown stale

SEC Championship
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The Clemson football team fell yet another spot in the AP Poll and it’s clear that the tired SEC narrative is already being shaped.

The updated AP Poll was released Sunday afternoon with the Clemson football team dropping another spot down to No. 3 behind the LSU Tigers.

In the new poll, Alabama remained the No. 1 team in the nation with LSU at No. 2. Clemson football was No. 3 with Ohio State, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida and Georgia rounding out the top-10.

Yes, the Georgia team that just got beat by three-loss South Carolina at home with the Gamecocks’ third-string quarterback is still ranked in the top-10. But, it’s not just the Bulldogs that get a pass in the media’s mind when everyone looks at rankings.

Alabama remains No. 1 despite not playing anyone all season. The Crimson Tide beat Texas A&M this past weekend, but they still gave up 28 points to the Aggies.

Most likely, LSU has the most impressive resume of any team in the nation with wins over Florida and Texas. But, the only reason that we believe the Gators and Longhorns are good is because the media placed them highly to begin the season.

You see, the problem is this: The tired SEC narrative is growing old.

SEC fans are now shouting from the rooftops “You have to look at this season. Not last year.” Why do they say that?

Oh, it’s because Clemson football dominated their conference’s best team back in January. Any other year, they’d be happy to announce Alabama as the ‘reigning National Champion,’ but because the champion wasn’t the Crimson Tide, all of a sudden it doesn’t matter and is completely irrelevant.

Even though they say that, they can’t understand that preseason rankings and early polls are all based off of last season and preemptive thoughts coming into this season.

We only think that Auburn is good because people said they were coming into the season. The same with Georgia, Florida and even LSU. You see how that works?

Alabama looks very good. The Crimson Tide have plenty of firepower, but their defense looks awful. LSU has a couple of solid wins and their offense is really explosive, but their defense is worse than Alabama’s. I mean, they gave up 28 points to a Florida offense that is absolutely atrocious.

But, no one wants to put out their flaws.

The national media only wants to continue to harp on the Tigers’ unimpressive victory over North Carolina- the team that beat South Carolina earlier in the season, by the way. Everyone is all for jumping on Clemson and pointing out flaws for the Tigers, but no one seems to want to bring up anything about the almighty SEC.

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Instead, analysts are still saying that Florida is a top-10 team. Analysts are still talking about Georgia’s CFB Playoff hopes. They are talking about how ‘Alabama and LSU are heads and tails better than everyone else.’

The SEC narrative is getting old. Every single year, we hear about how good the conference is. Every single year we hear about how dominant they are, and what happens every bowl season? Oh wait, bowl games don’t matter to SEC fans.