Clemson Football: Lyn-J Dixon’s explosiveness won’t be contained

Lyn-J Dixon Clemson Tigers (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)
Lyn-J Dixon Clemson Tigers (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images) /

Clemson football RB Lyn-J Dixon saw a minimized role against UNC a couple of weeks ago, but that will change as the 2019 season progresses.

Lyn-J Dixon carried the ball just four times for 20 yards for Clemson football in the matchup with North Carolina a couple of weeks ago.

On the season, Dixon has 37 carries for 240 yards (6.5 YPC) and three touchdowns. That’s an average of 7.4 carries per game.

As the season progresses, the feeling is that we’re going to see more of Lyn-J Dixon for Clemson football. Dixon has an explosiveness to his running style and is a great asset to the Tigers offensively. As we get deeper into the year, the Tigers are going to continue to look for opportunities to save Travis Etienne.

It’s more than just attempting to limit Etienne’s touches and saving him for the postseason, though:

  • Dixon has proven that he’s an explosive runner
  • Teams are zeroing in on Travis Etienne
  • Dixon has proven to be the best pass-protector to this point

Through the first part of this season, opposing defenses have paid close attention to Travis Etienne. They’ve stacked the box at times and used exotic blitzes to do all they could to stop Etienne from beating them. That game plan is going to eventually open up a hole for Lyn-J Dixon.

Because Dixon is the better pass-protector- at least at this point in the season- teams are going to assume that the Tigers are looking to pass more when he’s in the game. Look for him to get some carries in those situations as the offense opens up the play-book and that, in turn, will open up running lanes for the talented sophomore.

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As the 2019 Clemson football season progresses, we’re going to see more of Lyn-J Dixon. Travis Etienne will continue to get his touches as normal, but expect to see the coaching staff look for opportunities to get Dixon in the game and reward him for the job he is doing, especially in pass-protection.