Clemson Football: Recapping the newest scholarship offers

Following the first Clemson football camp, several prospects from both the 2020 and 2021 classes received scholarship offers from the Tigers.

The first Clemson football camp saw several elite prospects, including a bunch of athletes for the 2021 class, stop by and workout for the Tigers.

Just like always, there are several offers coming from the Clemson football coaching staff following the camp. The coaching staff already has its eye on some of the prospects before they come to camp and then they look at their film and see how they work out to evaluate them.

After that, you begin to see several offers start to be extended.

There were a few this past week stemming from camp and there is an expectation that several more will come out of Tiger Town next week at the second session of camp.

Here’s a look at the newest scholarship offers extended by the Clemson football coaching staff.


  • Ajou Ajou, 3-star WR
  • Sage Ennis, 3-star TE

The two big 2020 prospects to receive scholarship offers were both 3-stars. Ajou Ajou, originally from Canada, will play his final season of football in Florida. Ajou hasn’t played football his whole life, so he is still raw, but the coaching staff loves his athleticism, vertical and signs that he’s shown early on in his career.

Ajou is already a 6-foot-3, 210 pound prospect and has the ability to develop into a guy like Joe Ngata.

Sage Ennis received an offer from Florida State just a couple of weeks ago. The Tigers’ offer will at least give him something to think about. Ennis is a balanced tight end and has a high upside for what he could potentially develop into. Of course, the Tigers have their eyes set on elite 5-star TE Arik Gilbert, but it looks like they’ll have to search for other options and Ennis is certainly one of those potential prospects.


  • Dietrick Pennington, NR OL
  • Xavian Sorey, 4-star ATH
  • Kevin Knowles II, NR CB
  • Jager Burton, 3-star OG

The two most impressive athletes from the 2021 class that the Tigers offered this week are Dietrick Pennington and Xavian Sorey. Sorey will soon be a 5-star athlete, in my opinion, and has elite speed and ability to be a play-maker at the next level.

Pennington, who is just a junior right now, is already 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds. He could become a dominant and physical interior lineman. That size in itself was enough for the Tigers to extend an offer.

We’ll continue to update you on scholarship offers coming out of the program as they happen.