Clemson Football: ESPN runs 3-hour commercial celebrating Tigers

The Clemson football program got its fair share of publicity and love during the Tigers’ 2019 Spring Game Saturday afternoon in Death Valley.

The ESPN broadcast of the Clemson football spring game was nearly three hours of free publicity and love celebrating what the Tigers have become.

Say what you want about ESPN and the bias that the organization possesses, but the broadcast of the Clemson football spring game was nothing but a big recruiting infomercial for the Tigers.

The broadcast, which was nearly three hours long, showcased all of the great things about Clemson football from the start to the finish, all on national television.

If you didn’t get to watch the broadcast, you need to go back and see it. It featured ESPN analysts Chris Cotter, Kirk Herbstreit, Joey Galloway and Marty Smith.

Cotter was up in the booth and was supposed to be the play-by-play guy, but viewers didn’t hear much of him throughout the day. Why? Dabo Swinney.

Swinney spent the better part of the first half talking with Herbstreit and Galloway. He answered questions about the program and provided analysis about offensive calls and what to expect from the play before the ball was even snapped.

In between the segments from Swinney, the camera would find Marty Smith on the sideline with a former Clemson football player. Smith interviewed the likes of Christian Wilkins, Austin Bryant, Hunter Renfrow, Mike Williams and Vic Beasley.

During halftime, viewers of the ESPN 2 broadcast got to watch the full ring ceremony and hear from Dabo Swinney as he addressed more than 50,000 Tiger fans in the stadium.

We even got to see a short segment of Swinney interviewing former Tiger Mike Williams at halftime about life in Los Angeles with the Chargers.

If you’re a recruit and you saw that broadcast or were on campus for the spring game, it’s got to be hard to turn down Clemson football. Dabo Swinney is such a likeable character and the dominance that the Tigers are playing with is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.