Clemson Football: Who are the most popular Tigers of all-time?

CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 26: Deshaun Watson
CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 26: Deshaun Watson /

Who are the most popular Clemson football players of all-time? What Tigers stand out among the greats as most-loved, popular and never forgotten?

Earlier this week, Bryce Harper’s jersey with the Philadelphia Phillies went on sale, breaking records for the most jerseys sold ever in a 24 hour-period.

Harper signed one of the most lucrative contracts of all-time, but that’s another story.

It got me thinking about the history of Clemson football and some of the greats to come through Tiger Town. There are hundreds of guys that have made lasting impacts during their Clemson football career.

There are plenty of Tigers that are beloved by the Clemson football faithful, without a doubt, and will never be forgotten because of their accomplishments both on and off the field.

So, I boiled it down to one question: If jerseys were for sale for every single Clemson football player of all-time, who would sell the greatest number?

I don’t really have the answer to that question and, honestly, it’s really all relative. But, we did come up with a list of a few names, from Tigers both past and present that would probably be big jersey sellers (in no particular order).

  • William “The Fridge” Perry
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Hunter Renfrow
  • Trevor Lawrence
  • Banks McFadden
  • Brian Dawkins
  • Charlie Whitehurst
  • Christian Wilkins
  • Jeff Davis
  • Steve Fuller
  • Vic Beasley
  • Ben Boulware
  • Gaines Adams
  • Michael Dean Perry
  • Anthony Simmons
  • James Davis
  • Tajh Boyd
  • Sammy Watkins
  • DeAndre “Nuk” Hopkins
  • CJ Spiller
  • Levon Kirkland
  • Wayne Gallman
  • Mike Williams
  • Artavis Scott
  • Terry Kinard
  • Terrence Flagler
  • Raymond Priester
  • Perry Tuttle
  • Rod Gardner
  • Justin Miller
  • Tye Hill

All of these guys were Clemson football greats and were popular during their respective eras, no doubt. Some of them have added to their legacy and popularity with solid NFL careers. Others were great ambassadors for the program.

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We want your feedback. Who would be the most popular Tiger players of all-time? We’re working on a list to compile and rank these players. Comment below with your thoughts, players that we missed and whose jersey you’d buy if it were available.