Clemson Football: 2018 CFB Playoff committee got it right

Clemson football will be playing in the CFB Playoff for a fourth-straight year. The committee got it right when talking about the field of four in 2018.

The Clemson football team is Cotton Bowl bound.

After finishing their season unbeaten and winning the ACC Championship, the Tigers locked up a bid in the College Football Playoff for a fourth-straight year.

Here’s a look at the two matchups for the playoff games:

Orange Bowl: (1) Alabama vs. (4) Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl: (2) Clemson vs. (3) Notre Dame

Georgia and Ohio State were left on the outside looking in after we completed the final CFB Playoff Selection Show of the year Sunday afternoon.

Did the committee get it right?

I absolutely think the committee got the four teams right. Alabama and Clemson were clearly the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country.

Many argued that Notre Dame shouldn’t be in because they didn’t play a conference championship game. While I understand that argument, you have to look at what the committee has done in the past. They allowed Alabama to play in the playoff last year despite not even winning their division. They also allowed Ohio State to play even after not winning their division the year before.

With that logic, you can’t leave an undefeated Notre Dame out.

Now, the big talk was at No. 4. Many talking heads on ESPN were absolutely sold out to the fact that Georgia should be the No. 4 team even after the Bulldogs lost their second game of the season in the SEC Championship game against Alabama– against the Crimson Tide’s second-string quarterback.

As a matter of fact, many analysts said that Georgia should move up to No. 3 and that Notre Dame should drop to No. 4 because it makes total sense to move teams up after they lose a game.

See, here’s the thing:

Georgia probably is one of the best four teams in the nation. I think the Bulldogs could beat Oklahoma if the two teams played. But, guess what…That’s my opinion.

Opinions don’t matter. It’s about results on the field.

If Georgia wanted a shot at the playoff, all they had to do was maintain a 14-point lead Saturday. Or maybe Kirby Smart could’ve elected to not run a fake punt on 4th and 11. Perhaps if Smart wanted to be in the playoff, he would’ve not called about the dumbest play on earth in that situation.

Oklahoma, on the other hand, won their conference with just one loss to a team the avenged their loss to in the Big 12 Title game.

Had the committee let a two-loss non-conference champion into the playoff over two one-loss conference champions, they should’ve just shut down the whole system. It’s not about what I think, what you think or what Kirk Herbstreit thinks.

It’s about what happens. If we’re going to disregard records and just go by what we think, then we should just skip the whole regular season and put the four teams in the playoff that we have in the preseason poll.