Clemson Football Odds: Tigers or The Field for the ACC Championship?

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 02: Kelly Bryant /

You have a choice: Would you rather take Clemson football or The Field as your 2018 ACC Champion? Most analysts would take the Tigers.

Clemson football currently is the most likely team in the nation to win their conference championship, according to USA Today.

The publication’s Paul Myerberg ran a top-10 list of the teams most likely to win their respective conference in 2018 and Clemson, unsurprisingly, was atop the list.

Behind the Tigers were Florida Atlantic (Conference USA), Boise State (Mountain West), Washington (Pac-12), UCF (American Athletic), Alabama (SEC), and others. When I look at this list, it really is eye-opening to think that Clemson is the most likely team in the nation to win their conference, even with “quarterback controversy.”

I think it speaks to Dabo Swinney and what he has been able to do in Tiger Town.

With all this being said, I think it raises an interesting question: If you are betting, would you rather take Clemson or The Field for the 2018 ACC Championship?

Clemson or The Field?

You can either take the Tigers or everyone else. Percentage-wise, most people take the field when given these options, but in this case I think the vast majority of people would take Clemson football.

How can you bet against the Tigers?

If you take the field, you have to have a team or two that you believe can beat Clemson. I just don’t see a team like that in the ACC this season. It’s amazing to me just how dominant and how good Clemson has been.

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There aren’t many people brave enough to take the field and bet against this Clemson football team. It’s all because of how much better they are than the competition. I think everyone believes that the Tigers are going to be dominant over their opponents,  more so even than in year’s past.

Winning the ACC Championship is the first step toward winning the National Championship and the Tigers are certainly in great position to do just that.