Is Clemson Football vs. Alabama Part IV a lock to happen in 2018?


Is it almost a lock for us to see Clemson football take on Alabama in the College Football Playoff in 2018? It seems that way at this point.

Two of the three matchups between Clemson football and the Alabama Crimson Tide have been instant classics.

The one last year, not so much.

With that being said, though, is it almost a guarantee that we see the Tide vs. Tigers Part IV in 2018? Right now, we have a pretty consistent pattern going: 2015 Bama win, 2016 Clemson win, 2017 Bama win, and now 2018 should go back to the Tigers if we follow the pattern.

Sporting News national writer Bill Bender posted a poll asking College Football fans a simple question: Who would you take to win the 2018 Natty?

The options were: 1) Clemson or Alabama 2) The field.

At this point close to 60 percent of the voters said that they’d take Alabama or Clemson over the field to win the National Championship.

Clemson vs. Alabama Part IV…

I wrote a while back that I believe Clemson football playing Alabama in 2018 is almost a guarantee. I haven’t changed my mind yet.

I just don’t see any team getting in the way of the Tigers and the Tide.

Look at the two team’s schedules. Clemson has tough road matchups that it must get through in Florida State and Texas A&M, as well as a potential ACC Championship game.

Alabama has Auburn at home and then LSU on the road, as well as a potential SEC Championship game matchup against Georgia.

I just don’t see anything getting in the way of these two teams matching up in the College Football Playoff, whether that be in the semifinals or in the National Championship.

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The committee has already proven that Alabama doesn’t even need to win its own conference to get into the playoff. So, what’s stopping either team?

Right now, at least on paper, it looks as if we will see the Tigers and the Tide again.